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The original rice pot used at Mutsuan.
Kamado master carino.
It is light and easy to handle, and of course the rice is cooked deliciously.

Oribe glaze (green), candy glaze (brown), and black matte.

There are 2 sizes for 1 go and 3 go.

Kamado master carino 3 cups black mat

Sales Tax Included
  • ■ Product name: Kamado master carino
    ■Material: Ceramic
    ■Production: Shigaraki, Japan
    ■ Manufacturer model number: TJC-03BK
    ■ Product number: TJC-03BK
    ■ Body weight: about 2.4kg
    ■ Cooking: gas, microwave oven, oven, open fire
    ■It is relief, safe earthenware pot which did high temperature firing processing more than 1,200 degrees.
    ■Size: 1 go to 4 go cooked Main body outer diameter 22.5 cm x 18.5 cm
    ■ Practical capacity: 2000ml
    ■ Can be used: refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, oven, open fire
    ■ Cannot be used: IH cooker

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