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It introduces the scenery of Shigaraki and the writers.

◉Shiun Kiln x Mutsuan

Mr. Norihiro Kawagoe is impressive when he says, "I wanted to become a craftsman." Mutsuan is making popular rice bowls.


◉Kaneyama x Mutsuan

Mr. Akitoshi Kuzuhara of Yamakane Ceramics, who is making flower vases. It features a beautiful glaze.

◉Clay Pot Cooking Class Mutsuan

A cooking class using an earthenware pot held at Mutsuan. "I want people to know the goodness of earthenware pots." Mutsuan started with an earthenware pot cooking class.

​◉ Around the summer solstice

Delicious rice starts with water. Introducing a part of Mutsumi rice making.

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